Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I love Craigslist, BUT...

Man, I really dig Craigslist. I've sold things so easily, and even just recently my wife and I bought a great above ground pool for half the price that we would have spent at Academy. It's local dealing, it's free, and it's so easy.

However, several months ago I read a disturbing article in the New York Times about Craigslist being an easy venue for prostitution. I checked it out, and even here in little old Bryan/College Station, TX, there were plenty of offers. This bothered me, and I couldn't understand why Craigslist wouldn't just ban such smut. Of course, they have their justifications. And honestly over time I just forgot... maybe conveniently.

But now, I'm really disturbed today as I just read something even worse. Something that I just cant' ignore:


erich said...

You can check out this story about a "Prostitution" Ring in Austin that was just recently busted. One place they advertised their "massage parlor" was on Craigslist.

Prostitution Ring Busted in Austin

Tyler K. Cleveland said...

this is very disturbing information to know, simply because it is so very very real and literally happens everywhere. The information is useful to know and be aware of, although very saddening.